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Welcome to The Bow Bar, your premier mobile bartending service in Newport, RI, and serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our unique offering includes a vintage Piaggio Ape, transformed into a mobile bar, along with other innovative bar additions, creating an immersive experience for any event. Indulge in our craft cocktails, meticulously crafted to elevate your celebration. Our personable staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring your guests experience not just a drink but a memorable moment. Explore the charm of The Bow Bar and make your event truly extraordinary

ABOUT The Bow Bar

At The Bow Bar, we redefine beverage experiences with our exceptional bartending services. Our carefully curated packages go beyond traditional offerings, featuring a delightful array of mocktails and cocktails crafted from fresh, high-quality ingredients. Our commitment to stunning presentation extends to jaw-dropping garnishes, ensuring each drink is not just a refreshment but a visual masterpiece. Elevate your event with a beverage experience unlike any other – one that blends innovation, fresh flavors, and captivating aesthetics. Choose The Bow Bar for a celebration that leaves a lasting impression

The Bow Bar Wedding
The Bow Bar Indoors
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