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Tap Truck and Owner

ABOUT The Bow Bar

Addison Caproni, the visionary founder of The Bow Bar, embodies the spirit of Newport, Rhode Island, and the Caribbean island of St. Thomas, where he grew up. As a passionate sailor, Addison's love for the sea inspired the name "The Bow Bar," symbolizing his commitment to navigating the waters of exceptional beverage service.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience in hospitality, Addison set out to disrupt the status quo of mobile bartending. He envisioned a service that would create unforgettable experiences and leave a lasting legacy at every event. Thus, The Bow Bar was born – a fusion of Addison's dedication to innovation and his unwavering commitment to providing the best service possible.

At The Bow Bar, we curate bespoke packages featuring fresh, high-quality ingredients and captivating presentations. Our skilled bartenders craft innovative cocktails and mocktails that elevate the atmosphere of your celebration. With Addison at the helm, we navigate the waters of beverage service, ensuring that every event becomes a cherished memory.

Choose The Bow Bar for a celebration that seamlessly blends impeccable service and the art of mixology. Let us help you craft a legacy of unforgettable moments, one drink at a time.

The Bow Bar Indoors
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