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The Negroni Is As Classic As They Come

The Negroni

As classic as they come! The Negroni, also known as a simple and nearly perfect cocktail is another Italian favorite. In fact, similar to the “Spritz” the Negroni cocktail is also classified as an aperitif. Made to be a sweeter drink, this cocktail includes Campari, gin and sweet vermouth (we LOVE Antica Formula due to its slight hint of vanilla) & garnished with a generous orange peel. Give it a nice stir, don't shake & enjoy over a large ice cube.

...What's an aperitif you ask!? An alcoholic beverage taken before a meal as an appetizer typically served with small bites to stimulate your appetite for dinner. Cin Cin!

The Negroni Ingredients

  • 1oz Campari

  • 1oz gin

  • 1oz sweet red vermouth

  • Ice

  • Orange peel

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